Ho Chi Minh Train Schedule To Hanoi

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You can find information from Ho Chi Minh Train Schedule to Hanoi from table bellow:

Ho Chi Minh Train Schedule To Hanoi (South To North)

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Update Timetable In January 2022

  • From North to South (Hanoi To Ho Chi Minh) Train SE3, SE5 & SE7 running again.
  • From South To North (Ho Chi Minh To Hanoi) Train SE4, SE6 & SE8 running again.
  • Train LP5 & LP6 Between Hanoi – Hai Phong also running again.
  1. If you stay in Green zone (Risk 1+2): – Follow 5K Rules – Khau trang (facemask)- (Khu khuan) disinfection- (Khoang cach) distance- (Khong tu tap) no gathering – (Khai bao y te Fill in the form in tokhaiyte.vn) health declaration.
  2. If you stay in Yellow Zone (Risk 3): Follow number 1 point + Test cases with one of the symptoms of fever, cough, fatigue, sore throat, loss of taste and smell, shortness of breath, etc. or have epidemiological investigation indications.
  3. If you stay in Red zone (Risk 4): Follow number 1 point + Antigen rapid test/RT-PCR covid-19 test within 72 hours.

Note: From 20th January 2022 To 12th February 2022 is TET New Year if you go by train this time please chat us at hotline number to check ticket available and update price.

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    Train StationDistance (Km)SE4SE6SE8SE22SNT2SPT2Note
    Dep.Dep.Dep.Dep.Dep.Dep.Local Time: GMT+7
    Sài Gòn019:2515:2006:0011:4021:2006:45- Train Does't Stop
    Dĩ An1919:5715:5206:3412:1221:5207:18Dep.: Departure Time
    Biên Hoà2920:1216:1006:4912:2722:0707:33SE4, SE6...: Train Code
    Long Khánh7721:1417:1207:5113:29--Click to train station to find train go there
    Suối Kiết123-18:0008:39---
    Bình Thuận17522:5819:0309:4215:35-10:16
    Phan Thiết185-----10:29
    Ma Lâm193-----
    Sông Mao242-20:08-16:40-
    Tháp Chàm31801:2921:2712:1317:5903:44
    Ngã Ba362---18:45-
    Nha Trang41102:5423:0913:5519:4605:18
    Ninh Hoà445-23:5214:3820:29
    Tuy Hoà52805:0401:2416:1022:27
    La Hai----23:16
    Diêu Trì63006:5403:2118:1200:26
    Bồng Sơn70908:1905:1219:3701:51
    Đức Phổ758-06:06-02:52
    Quảng Ngãi79809:5706:5921:1503:43
    Núi Thành836-07:45-04:28
    Tam Kỳ86111:0708:1622:2604:59
    Trà Kiệu90109:00-05:46
    Đà Nẵng93512:5610:3500:3406:34
    Lăng Cô951---
    Đông Hà110416:5415:0104:50
    Mỹ Đức1175--06:18
    Đồng Hới120418:5217:1907:10
    Minh Lệ1244--08:01
    Đồng Lê129020:3218:5908:58
    Hương Phố133921:4020:0710:08
    Yên Trung138622:4221:0811:13
    Chợ Sy1447-22:2712:54
    Minh Khôi1529-00:1314:22
    Thanh Hoá155101:5700:4314:50
    Bỉm Sơn1585-01:25-
    Ninh Bình1611--16:10
    Nam Định163903:4702:3817:14
    Phủ Lý167004:31-17:58
    Giáp Bát1722---
    Hà Nội172605:5004:3519:13

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