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New Livitrans Express Train Promotion For All Routes Below:

New Livitrans Train Have 7% Discount

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Sapaly Express Train New Price:

Sapaly Express Train Hanoi To Lao CaiSapaly Express Train Lao Cai To Hanoi

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FIND TRAIN TICKET: (type: hue to da nang, hanoi to lao cai, ho chi minh to phan thiet…)

How to use promotion code?

Very easy to see promotion code when you select ticket routes:

train ticket promotions

Please click to routes above and fill in information in ticket form:

  • Number of Passenger:
  • Type Passenger Information:
  • Select Departure Date:
  • Select Type Of Ticket & Number Of Tickets

After fill in all information please click ADD TO CART to choose this ticket:

Our website automatic go to YOUR CART information:

train ticket promotions

If Promotion Code is correct you will see: “Coupon code applied successfully.

Please make payment to finish all step.

But there are some promotions program Do Not Need To Use Coupon code, You will get discount directly to your ticket prices.

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