Quy Nhon Train Schedule To Ho Chi Minh

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You can find information Quy Nhon Train Schedule To Ho Chi Minh from table bellow:

Quy Nhon Train Schedule To Ho Chi Minh – North To South

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Train Tips:

  • Highly recommend book train ticket 2-3 days before departure date to make sure ticket available.
  • DO NOT BOOK Train ticket 2 hour before departure time (System close to sell ticket about 2 hours before departure time). Please chat with us if you want to book ticket very close departure time.
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Train Station Distance
SQN1 Go Other Time
Find Train To Quy Nhơn 0 13:10 Find Dieu Tri Train Schedule To Ho Chi Minh
Find Train To Dieu Trì 10 13:50
Tuy Hòa 112 15:37
Phú Hiệp 125 15:56
Giã 168 17:10
Ninh Hòa 195 17:39
Find Train To Nha Trang 229 18:19
Find Train To Tháp Chàm 322 20:01
Find Train To Bình Thuận 465
Biên Hòa 611 03:27
Find Train To Hồ Chí Minh 640 04:07


  • Train doesn’t stop at station.
  • Departure Time & Arrival Time
  • Distance: Km

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See Return Train Schedule: Ho Chi Minh Schedule To Quy Nhon

If you want to go other time to Quy Nhon you also can see Dieu Tri Train Schedule To Ho Chi Minh (Distance Between Quy Nhon Railway Station & Dieu Tri Railway Station just 10km)

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