Things To Know When Traveling By Train In Vietnam

Top things to know – Train travel is still a very safe mode of transportation and untired. However, you should to know some points when deciding to choose a train as a transportation:

Buy Train Ticket:

Most important is the purchase of tickets. If you have a scheduled travel by train buying tickets early will help you avoid unwanted bad situations such as tickets not available or can not to choose seat or berth you want.

If you go with family or group buy ticket early will help you buy ticket in same coach & cabin and make your trip more fun.

Book in Advance

It’s advisable to book your train tickets in advance via a travel agent especially if you’re planning to travel during peak tourist times or public holidays or have fixed travel dates. This can easily be done by buying & paying online through secure systems.

Train is one of the safest way to travel than others transportation

Type Of Ticket:

Most of ticket on train is:

Hard Seat Soft Seat Hard Berth Soft Berth
Not recommend for a long trip Recommend for a short trip Recommend berth level 1 or level 2 (for me level 1 is best choice of hard berth) Highly recommend for long trip (Level 1 also is my best choice)
Wooden Cabin Wooden VIP Cabin

Soft seats is more comfortable than Hard Seats and perfect if you select routers less than 250km, highly recommend to by Soft Berths or Hard Berth if you choose routers more than 250km. Instead, there was a tiny peg between the upper and lower berths to place one foot, and a stainless steel frame on the edge of the Upper berth that you could hold onto for support and use to hoist yourself up. Not a good idea if you’re a little heavy or suffer from knee or leg injuries of any kind.


You can buy some food before and bring on train, if not you also can buy on train at the end of coach with price is more expensive a little bit than normal price.

On the train also often prepare fast food or made food such as porridge, instant noodles, chips…Or you can buy some food when train stop at station (you should buy at big station because train will stop there longer, void miss train).

Instant noodles seem like the most popular meal onboard.

Though it’s definitely a better idea to bring your own food to snack on for long journeys.

Luggages & Bags:

Once you’re in the country, you’ll notice that the locals in general have a small frame. Vietnamese sizes in local stores are much smaller than standard sizes. Their trains are small too.

What I mean is that the corridors inside the train are quite narrow and you’re likely to get stuck if you’ve strapped on a backpack that is too large or broad or if it’s stuffed with a lot of pretty things that you could not help buying from the local markets.



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